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Bright Homes (Hull) Ltd

Bright Homes (Hull) Ltd

We can maintain your house


Bright homes' offer an independent home repair and maintenance service especially designed for all home owners, landlords, tenants and local businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire. This is a completely independent service available to all, whether or not you are an existing client of ours.

We'll provide your property with an unrivalled level of care and help you avoid any maintenance headaches.

Our comprehensive range of services, including our popular vacant property inspections, are available at competitive rates to all homeowners, landlords, tenants and local businesses in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Our fully managed landlord clients also receive a 24/7 maintenance service available to them and their tenants.

For a free estimate or to find out more, contact us here, or call 01482 420255.

Competitive rates

Our quality service is provided by a team of experience Hull and East Yorkshire only.

We offer a choice of repair and maintenance services that will keep your property in tip top condition, including:

  • Joinery
  • Plumbing
  • Tiling
  • Electrical works
  • Lock changes
  • Inspections for vacant properties, insurance purposes and winter weather checks
  • Garden and ground works
  • Repair and secure windows and doors
  • Rubbish and furniture removal
  • Delivery and collection service
  • Flat-pack furniture assembly

Vacant property inspections

A lot of property owners are not aware that the vast majority of insurance companies will only provide insurance cover for unoccupied properties if they are regularly inspected. Regular inspections can mean anything from once a week to once a month depending on the insurance policy and if any damage does occur without inspections in place, the owner can receive an unexpected bill.

Our maintenance team offer vacant property inspections that covers private residential property, office premises and sites.

Inspections consist of the following:

  • Security checks to ensure the property remains locked and secure
  • Any emergency repairs found upon inspection
  • An internal visual inspection of surface pipework for leaks, gas boilers and all windows
  • An external visual inspection of roofs and guttering, condition of the garden, outbuildings and sheds if appropriate
  • Regular gas and electric meter readings
  • Mail recovery and removal
  • Inspections for graffiti, vandalism or other malicious damage
  • Regular reports to the owner on the condition of their property and garden/outbuildings

For a free estimate or to find out more, contact us here, or call Sarah on 01482 420255.

Please note: Vacant property inspections are not a guarantee against damage occurring, and any additional works identified during an inspection are reported to client and charged at our normal rate once agreed.

Maintenance and emergency information

Our property managers are happy to help your tenants with maintenance problems and queries. We can tell them directly how to sort out a minor problem, send round our in-house team, or arrange for other contractors to carry out repairs.

In many cases, however, they may not need our help at all: see Guidance for practical solutions to common maintenance issues experienced by tenants.

At the other end of the scale, we have a 24 hour emergency helpline. We do ask tenants to show some common sense about this - not using it, for example, for problems that could easily wait until the next working day.

If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about our services for landlords, please get in touch with our team.